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How to attract customers by cutting noodle snack bar
Besides enjoying the taste of the food, the pleasure of eating is enjoying the dining atmosphere in the snack bar. A good atmosphere can also enhance people's appetite while giving visual enjoyment.
In a restaurant surrounded by large glass, where pedestrians could be seen, about an hour before closing, the rest of the guests left and we were lucky enough to sit in the window. When we were enjoying our meal, perhaps the waiter was cleaning the kitchen, and they removed a few trash cans from the alley next to the store and placed them on the side of the road, just one glass away. It's a place for collecting rubbish at night. For us, it's like putting rubbish in front of you. Plus, travelers on the road also throw garbage there, giving people a feeling of eating at the garbage can, there is no appetite for food.
Many snack bars, when it comes to closing, recklessly throw their chairs upside down on the table, ready to clean the floor, even though they still have guests. There is more serious, to start cleaning, even the guests away. This is very disrespectful of the guests, the correct way is to tell the guests to close the shop as soon as possible, and then start cleaning after all the guests leave, even if later, not more than ten minutes late. As long as the business hours, should do a good job of service to the guests, and that is not the time to clean up. For the waiter, the guest is the most critical, must consider their own work, what kind of impact on the mood of the guests. Instead of acting according to your temperament, you can do what you want to do.
Apart from that, after dinner and coffee, the guests are busy cleaning up the utensils, too early or too late. It's too early to think you're driving them away, and too late, people will think the service in this store is not good, have eaten so long, service has not kept up.
In addition, the temporary change of business hours to pay attention to the tens of millions, if it is really necessary to change, must be announced in advance, so as to avoid trouble. "Restaurant closing time, as long as 30 minutes earlier than usual, the guest's protest phone calls." The person in charge of a large restaurant chatted with me about the troubles caused by the temporary change of business hours.
Guests are disappointed to see the closed door when they think the restaurant is open and they are in high spirits. If you change your business hours at a snack bar, you will feel a lack of credit. Since the business hours have been decided, it is wrong to strictly observe the idea that "there are probably no guests here today. Close the door!" Even if there is only one guest, you should do business, your promise must be abided by, this is the credibility of the business.
Sometimes when a guest is just about to enter the store and sees a notice on the door that "all the people are full today", he goes back in dismay. Hearing the cheerful voice from the restaurant, one would be disappointed to think, "It's hard to come, but the door is closed." Sometimes one would suddenly see the "temporary closure today" notice, which is very rude to the guests who have come only once. If you have to suspend business temporarily or charter others, you should notify the guest 7~10 days before the time. This is very necessary. If you do this, the customer will feel that you are remembering him and always considering it for him. Only in this way can we retain and attract more customers.
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